Disquietude is an ongoing project on visualising my restless state of mind. When i'm exploring a new environment I always have a feeling of uneasiness. A strong urge of wanting to know what's beyond the horizon, yet at the same time I get distracted...


PLAINVIEW is an ongoing project of my experiences travelling by plane. I want to show a different perspective on the common view from an airplane.

Passing By

Commuting by train I feel like life is passing me by. I see so many fragments I want to examine, but I can't control the moment. This serie is about exploring those fleeting fragments.

4 Days

I travelled 4 days from Moscow to Irkutsk on the Trans Siberian Express. During this trip I spent most of my time in the confined space of the train coupe. On the first day I noticed all the details in the changing landscape, but as time passed...